Bred mutts.

This page is for my gorgeous bred mutts. The current population number is of eight mutts and mutt mixies. If you see any pairs you think would make nice litters and would like me to breed them, don't be afraid of e-mailing them to me and hopefully you'll see the result. Here's my e-mail for you to contact me, your suggestions will be welcomed with a smile:


Gender; male

From; Kit at Valravnen

Birthday; May 17th, 2010

File size; 83 kb


Gender; male

From; Kitsune at Akorix

Birthday; July 18th, 2017

File size; 9046 kb


Gender; female

From; Jesi at SHOTglass

Birthday; October 24th, 2011

File size; 144 kb


Gender; female

From; Moon at Sungraze Peak

Birthday; August 18th, 2012

File size; 547 kb


Gender; female

From; Sirius at Green Brook

Birthday; November 3rd, 2005

File size; 42 kb

Comments; inbred-free


Gender; male

From; Mandi at Cargo

Birthday; June 20th, 2008

File size; 81 kb


Gender; female

From; Jesi at SHOTglass

Birthday; December 3rd, 2011

File size; 88 kb


Gender; female

From; Rayne at Thirty

Birthday; June 21st, 2008

File size; 515 kb