Hexed dalmatians.

This page is for my gorgeous hexed dalmatians. The current population number is of ten hexed dalmatians. You must remember that none of these petz are to be exchanged, no matter what the offer is, because even if I had a new pet, it wouldn't be the same without them. They mean a lot to me and my effort to get them won't vanish for any offer. Please respect my decision and do not contact me trying to negotiate something for them as there's no chance I'll even consider it.


Gender; male

From; Joe at Carnival

Birthday; January 5th, 2011

Comments; I used to have a green eyed one that I gave away and then I regretted it. Joe was nice enough to hex a new one for me several years after that, when she came back to the PC.


Gender; male

From; Michy at Eclipse

Birthday; October 27th, 2005


Gender; male

From; Sketchi at rabbitLUCK

Birthday; April 22nd, 2005


Gender; male

From; Scribble at Harvest

Birthday; October 22nd, 2005

Comments; originally someone's MPA. Wishlist pet.


Gender; male

From; Jamie at Smitten

Birthday; January 19th, 2002


Gender; female

From; Maui at Cachet

Birthday; August 24th, 2005


Gender; male

From; Rebs/Cel

Birthday; January 16th, 2013


Gender; female

From; Jill at Teritory

Birthday; January 20th, 2006


Gender; male

From; Meg at Oblivious

Birthday; July 1st, 2009


Gender; male

From; Anja at Canes

Birthday; March 20th, 2006