Warm welcome to you neighbour, to Luli & Co., a petz crew site. You've reached Luli's house in which she lives with all of her petz, a house of crazy ones, you must have noticed all the stuff flying from room to room...unfortunately, nobody in here is sane and they go for more insanity! If you can't settle yourself in this neighbourhood, we ask you to take a look at your map for more information. The two girls at the top are Bryce, from Maui and Kaize from Jamie, both petz are really special to me as well as all the lovelies here, this page is dedicated to my beloved virtual furry ones ♥

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September 1st 2017

6:43 p.m. {GMT-3}

Updated my bred petz with the bred acquisitions from the revival! Hexed petz will come once I'm done with my quest to get all my wishlist petz, that might take a while...

Established February 10th of 2005.

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Turk from Sirius at Greenbrook